Ep. #10 Video Warmup #1 Ahh

In this episode, your host Sara Leib takes you through a 1st vocal warmup/exercise.  Feel free to use every day for practice!  It will go up on the warmups section is www.SingingTV.com, too, so you can access it any time.

Ep. #9. Smoking and drinking…from Sin City…

Hey Singers!

I was in Vegas this past weekend, and of course, I was surrounded by hoards of people, all drinking and smoking.  That got me thinking about my viewers’ habits.  This episode covers the topics of drinking and smoking, their effects on the voice, and how to party responsibly, without ruining your voice!  Enjoy!

Episode #8: Why should singers learn to read music?

In this episode Sara explains why singers should learn how to read music, and what the difference is between singers learning and read and instrumentalists learning to read.

How to practice singing runs, melismas, riffs…

In this episode Sara gives you a little taste into how to sing vocal runs, or melismas.

Singing TV.com’s Ep. #6 with special guest Sara Gazarek!

Welcome our first guest singer, Sara Gazarek to Singing Television!  Sara’s debut  record released to national and international rave reviews. It ranked in the Top 10 on the Billboard Traditional Jazz Charts, Top 10 on the iTunes top Jazz Album Downloads (US, UK, Switzerland, and Belgium), #1 on the iTunes Top Jazz Album Downloads (Germany, France)!  What this says is that you should check her out!


Sara Leib


Hello Singers!

I’m writing because tonight is the OFFICIAL launch of http://www.singingtv.com.  Singing Television is my new brainchild, and I’m madly excited about it!  It’s an online place where any singer of any age and any level (we’ll get to the harder stuff later) can come for tips, lessons, interviews, and musings on singing, and the voice.  We try and live by our tag line, and that’s “Singing.  Made Simple”.  I hope you’ll not only pay us a visit, but also forward this email to anyone you know who is a singer, voice teacher, wanna be singer, or any parent or teacher who has kids who may be interested in singing (especially teenagers, there’s nothing more viral than teens reading your blog) so that they can benefit from and subscribe to SingingTV.com!  SingingTV.com can even be watched in secret, if you’ve got stage fright (though we’ll try to help you with that).

Besides lesson content, I will also be hosting some big and small name singers and teachers on the show, for interviews and insight into their lives/teaching/careers.  Our first guest will be singer Sara Gazarek on Episode #6, which airs tomorrow, on Thursday, March 25th.

The first 5 episodes are on #1) reading in the treble clef, #2) reading in the bass clef, #3) reading rhythms, 4) time signatures, and 5) how to take a breath for singing.

There is tons of GREAT content we’ll be putting out, and I hope you’ll join me at http://www.singingtv.com!


Sara Leib



Episode #5: How to take a singing breath.

Hey Singers!

In this episode Sara Leib of SingingTV.com shows you how to take a breath for singing.  Rewind and play as many times as you like.  If you work on  it long enough, taking these kinds fo breath will become 2nd nature to you and after a few months, you won’t even have to thin about it, and you’ll be able to think about other things, like the lyrics and performance.  :)  Enjoy!

New Sara Leib music videos up!

Hey singers!

I had a great gig last Saturday night here in my hometown of Los Angeles.  We packed the Cafe Metropol to capacity, and it was a real blast!  I figure you might want to see what I do live, so here you go!  Enjoy!

Episode #4: Time Signatures…1…2…3…4…

This lesson covers time signatures!  Ever wondered what they are and what they mean?  Check it out here!

Episode #3: Reading Rhythms for singers

Vocalist Sara Leib, host of SingingTelevision.com explains how to read rhythms.