Hello Singers!

I’m writing because tonight is the OFFICIAL launch of  Singing Television is my new brainchild, and I’m madly excited about it!  It’s an online place where any singer of any age and any level (we’ll get to the harder stuff later) can come for tips, lessons, interviews, and musings on singing, and the voice.  We try and live by our tag line, and that’s “Singing.  Made Simple”.  I hope you’ll not only pay us a visit, but also forward this email to anyone you know who is a singer, voice teacher, wanna be singer, or any parent or teacher who has kids who may be interested in singing (especially teenagers, there’s nothing more viral than teens reading your blog) so that they can benefit from and subscribe to! can even be watched in secret, if you’ve got stage fright (though we’ll try to help you with that).

Besides lesson content, I will also be hosting some big and small name singers and teachers on the show, for interviews and insight into their lives/teaching/careers.  Our first guest will be singer Sara Gazarek on Episode #6, which airs tomorrow, on Thursday, March 25th.

The first 5 episodes are on #1) reading in the treble clef, #2) reading in the bass clef, #3) reading rhythms, 4) time signatures, and 5) how to take a breath for singing.

There is tons of GREAT content we’ll be putting out, and I hope you’ll join me at!


Sara Leib

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5 Responses to “Announcing the OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF SINGING TELEVISION!”

  1. Tom says:

    Congratulations Sara! Very excited to see more..

  2. Linda says:

    Thanks Sara for taking the time to teach for free

  3. saraleib says:

    You're very welcome!

  4. Daintybody2000 says:

    Thanks for this site and for the lessons.

  5. Sonya says:

    This website is great! Thank you!

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