Ep. 34 A Chat About Listening with Singer and Bassist Kristin Korb

In this episode, Sara welcomes bass player and singer Kristin Korb. Korb is well known in the jazz world for her performance as well as her standing as an educator. Korb is currently directing the jazz vocal department at the University of Southern California. Here she and Sara rap about how important it is as a singer to LISTEN to what the other musicians are doing.

Ep. 33 How to Sing and Play Rubato.

In this episode, Sara welcomes New York pianist Randy Ingram to the show, and together they teach you how to sing and play rubato, or out of time.

Ep. 32 Why Singers Get A Bad Rap

In this episode, Sara tells a “singer joke”, and talks about why singers get a bad rap. She talks about the difference between the way instrumentalists think an the way singers think, and why singers have to think intervallically.

Ep. 31 Chest/Head. Where the Voice Breaks.

Hey Singers!

In this episode, Sara answers a viewer’s question about how to sing an exercise, by starting in the lower range and then switching to the upper range.  Sara shows you approximately where in your range you will switch registers.  Enjoy!

Ep. 30 Can Singers use the Circular Breathing technique?

In this episode (actually taped a while ago and lost until now in the digital hole that is my computer), Sara takes a question from a student: “Can singers circular breathe?”  Check it out to get the details…

Ep. 29 How to Transpose A Song

In this episode, Sara shows you how to transpose, or change the key of a song.

Ep. 28 How to pick a key that fits your voice/range.

In this episode, Sara helps you figure out how to use the knowledge of your range to pick an appropriate key for a song.

Ep. 27 How To Find Your Range

In this episode, Sara explains how to find your range.  This will help in the future when you need to pick a key, transpose a song, write a lead sheet/chart…all sorts of things.