Ep. 41 How To Get Into Your High Range

Sometimes it’s very tough for beginning male singers to access their high range.  If you can’t do it on your own, this video offers beginning singing tips on how males can try to access their high range.  Enjoy!

Ep. 40 Getting Gigs To Build a Bio and Resume by SingingTV

This episode is a follow up to episode #39, to give you even more creative ways to find gigs so that you can build your bio, resume, and peformance experience. Remember, ask not what other people can do for you, but what YOU can do for them!

Ep. 39 Getting started: How To Write a Bio, Music Resume, and put up MP3s.

In this episode, Sara answers a common question that poses quite a paradox for beginning singers.  A student wrote that she was trying to get gigs.  How do you get the gigs if they want a resume, bio, and MP3s, when you can’t build a resume/bio without getting the gigs?  Here Sara will help you find how to include some of the concerts/activities you’ve sung at or participated in and put them into your bio/resume so that they can help you get more gigs.

Ep. 38 How Long Will It Take Me To Get Better At Singing?

In this episode, Sara gives you a few guidelines on how long you should be working/practicing before you see results. Beginners, this is for you.  However, if you’re more advanced, and want to make a living out of music and singing, pay no attention whatsoever to time.  Real musicians?  REAL musicians don’t look at our watches when we’re in the practice room.  We don’t play and sing music because we want money, fame, or any kind of recognition.  It is our sole source of expression.  We make music because we have no other choice.  It pours out of our souls, our pores, or being.  It is not separate from us.  It IS us.  If you’re looking to be a professional singer, you won’t pay attention to the time it takes for you to improve.  You will put your head down (not literally) and practice, practice PRACTICE.  And you will enjoy it.

Cheers.  Now go practice.

Ep. 37 How I Got the Gig – Laura Jane Jones

It’s ALWAYS cool to know the back story on how someone got where they are today. In episode 37, Sara and SingingTV.com take you into Laura Jane Jones’ past as she tells two of my students the story of how she got her current gig.  For more on Laura Jane, visit http://www.myspace.com/sweetlaurajane.

Ep. 36 An awesome interview with singer Laura Jane Jones!

In this episode Sara takes you into the life of another great working singer.  Laura Jane an incredible, versatile vocalist and currently is the featured vocalist with Enrique Iglesias.  She has performed with a veritable legion of wonderful performers, including Joss Stone, Michael Bolton, Dave Matthews, Kelly Clarkson, Tina Marie, Taylor Dane, Anastacia.  Laura is a WONDERFUL guest, so enjoy, and I hope you’ll leave some comments below!

Ep. 35 New Warmup!

In this episode, Sara shares a new warmup with you.  Keep practicing, this one can be a toughie!