Ep. 47 Dealing with Hard-To-Work-With Musicians

In this episode, Sara invites a student to share her troubles with dealing with tough-to-work-with band members and musicians.  Sara talks about how to deal with musicians who have a poor attitude, aren’t nice, etc.

Ep. 46 Thinking In Intervals In a Vocal Group

Is this episode, Sara invites on Elliot, a student, whose 4-part a capella vocal group is having trouble staying in tune when their songs modulate (change keys).  Anyone who sings in a choir or vocal group should find this episode helpful.

Ep. 45 Tips on Being a Bandleader

In this episode, Sara brings on a student as a guest.  Sophia is having difficulties getting everyone in her band on the same page, and looks to Sara for some advice.

Ep. 44 Major Key Diatonic Triad Harmony

What in the world do those chord symbols mean? If you’ve been asking that, you’re probably a singer who hasn’t ever taken lessons on an instrument. Not to fret! Here Sara explains all the basic of diatonic major key triad harmony for you.