Ep. 100!!!! SingingTV.com’s 100th Episode and 2nd Viewer Competition!

For anyone who need to read it, here are the prizes and how to enter:

1st Prize: A Shure SM-58 microphone! http://www.shure.com/americas/products/microphones/sm/sm58-vocal-microphone

2nd Prize: An Hourlong in-person or Skype lesson with Sara Leib!

3rd Prize: A half hour in-person or Skype lesson with Sara Leib!

More Prizes: SingingTV.com stickers!

HOW TO ENTER: You will be entered only if you do ALL of the following:

1) Come up with a cool, creative, fun, or MASSIVE way to spread the word about SingingTV.com. Banners, tweets, school promos, emails, or posters are just the beginning!

2) Follow Singing TV at ALL of the following:
and on the Periscope app @SingingTV

3) Write an email with your handles at the above websites.apps, and a paragraph or picture of how you’re helping to spread the word about SingingTV and you’ll be entered!

Best of luck to all!

Update 8/30/15:
WINNERS announced! They are:
Kevin David and Reyna Margarita San Juan Castillo. CONGRATULATIONS!