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Singing Television is a unique online video weblog for singers of all types, including young, old, professional, amateur, and beginning singers.  It’s the world’s most innovative new way to take voice lessons, and is offered up for absolutely free.  Viewers watch Singing TV and write questions via comments and emails to generate ideas for new episodes on voice lessons, singing tips, and interviews.  Singing TV is a raw, unedited, revolution in music education, and all you have to do is watch.  Aspiring or accomplished, everyone can find something on Singing Television that will help them learn how to sing, perform, read, write, or communicate how to sing better and more efficiently. Please take advantage of the comments sections (below every episode) to leave your comments as well as ask questions or give subject ideas. Thanks for visiting, sing your heart out, and please, SPREAD THE WORD!  @SingingTV

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About Sara Leib

Sara Leib is probably best known as a jazz singer.  As a performer, Leib has worked with some of the biggest names in the jazz genre, and has toured all over the world.  A natural improviser, Sara began singing seriously when she was in high school, attending a performing arts magnet and singing in every school choir group she could.  After narrowly being accepted into her high school’s vocal jazz choir when another student dropped out, Sara found that she had a natural affinity for improvisation, and decided to take her study of the genre further, and attended the Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.  After graduating from college, Sara moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles, touring with her own jazz band, working as a session singer, and teaching.  She later found her real passion for teaching when she received a graduate teaching assistantship at the University of Southern California.

Since then, Sara has taught private voice lessons, ensembles, vocal improvisation, and workshops at the University of Southern California, World Mission University, and Musicians Institute in Hollywood (for which she co-wrote the Vocal Performance curriculum, levels 1-3).  Sara is currently on the faculty at Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music.  She has toured and taught all over the country and the world, from New Zealand, South Africa, and Nepal to New York City, California, and Guatemala.  Sara loves bringing her passion to you, and has decided to make SingingTV.com a place where anyone can come from anywhere in the world for free content on singing, how to sing, interviews, musings, and all sorts of things pertaining to singing and the voice.

Sara currently lives in Los Angeles where she sings, teaches, and writes. As a studio and session singer Sara has sung for the WB, Hum Music, the N Network, the NBA, and on the Academy Awards. Sara subscribes to the idea that a musician should strive to be an artist, teacher and a scholar, and she attempts to learn something new every day. She has given master classes and workshops in jazz vocal improvisation internationally, twice served as a panelist for the NARAS Foundation’s Grammy In The Schools, and can currently be heard as the voice of an airing Coffeemate commercial. Critically acclaimed, The Boston Herald has said Sara “offers a fresh approach to jazz vocal classicism and the Boston Globe says she’s “got a beautiful, natural voice”.  Leib holds degrees from the Berklee College of Music, the New England Conservatory of Music, and the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music.  She is also a certified teacher of Somatic Voicework™, the LoVetri method, a science-based pedagogy training, directed by Jeanette LoVetri.  Sara is thoughtful and energetic, and loves to bring her passion to you through Singing TV.  A self-confessed music nerd and an avid foodie, in her spare time Sara enjoys food, wine, travel, and collecting tribal art. Sara particularly adores Thai food, Boggle, and modern architecture, and has a really cool collection of ethnic masks from around the world.  Sara is proud to be an advisory board of the Crescendo Young Musicians Guild, a non-profit music education and community service organization that provides quality music instruction, mentoring, and performance opportunities to students who may otherwise not have them.

For more info or to work or consult with Sara, please email sara@singingtv.com

To get your questions answered on SingingTV.com, leave your question in the comments section or email it to Sara.  She or one of our interns will get back to you as soon as possible.  To take private lessons from Sara in Los Angeles, please visit Http://VoiceStudioLA.com.

Meet Our Interns

Joel Guthrie

Singing TV’s Intern Joel Guthrie is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who is currently a 2nd quarter student at the Los Angeles Music Academy College Of Music.  This fresh-faced lad hails from Mercer Island, WA by way of Colorado.  He is very passionate about music, and loves working with SingingTV!  Joel is the guy behind the camera, and he also does a lot of the work of compressing the Singing TV videos and posting them online.

Samantha Machado

Samantha Machado is a West coast girl, born and bred, from Chandler, Arizona via Sacramento, CA.  Sam is a singer-songwriter claiming influences like Carol King and Sheryl Crow, but we at Singing TV know that deep down Sam prefers teeny-bopper music like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.  Check out Sam at http://www.myspace.com/sammachadomusic.  Sam helps run the social networking side of Singing TV, and you can find her handing out Singing TV flyers at concerts and updating the SingingTV YouTube and Twitter pages.

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