Work with Sara/Private Lessons/Workshops

Want to work with Sara?  Sara is happy to give lessons, workshops, and speeches (educational and motivational).  She gives lessons in Los Angeles, online through Skype, or can travel internationally.  Sara is on the faculty at the Los Angeles Music Academy College of music, and teaches privately from her studio, Voice Studio LA.

You can have Sara come to your studio, company, school, or set.  Just email for more details.

Private Lessons

 Please visit for more information or to make an appointment for voice lessons with Sara at her Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles Studio or online.  To schedule a lesson yourself, visit

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3 Responses to “Work with Sara/Private Lessons/Workshops”

  1. dick borghi says:

    Sara– I ran across your lesson on circular breathing by doing a search on Google– which lead me to watching other lessons— in some of those lessons you reference earlier lessons— although I’ve passed the 3/4 of the century mark last year I feel I understand how to search the internet–BUT for the life of me I can’t seem to find ALL of your lessons— believe me I’ve tried — so would you kindly send me a link that will allow me to watch all that you have produced—let’s just say my interest in your episodes is to gain more knowledge about how to sing since learning to sing is on the top of my “Bucket List”—dickb

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dick! Best way to go back to see past episodes is my the monthly index. You can access that by going to the bottom left of the home screen. Enjoy, and thanks for commenting!

  3. Ilovega111 says:

    Hi my name is Victor, I am your friend on utube. I have a problem I hope you can help with. I have been sick with coughing and a sore throat for several weeks. I have most of my talking voice back but it’s still raspy and horse sounding and I cannot sing. When I try to sing I start coughing again. Do you have any home remedies or excercies you could suggest to help get my voice back? I would be very greatful for any help you could suggest.
    Thank you.
    your friend,

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