Ep. 85 How Wide Should My Range Be?

This episode could alternatively be called, “Why Don’t I Have a 5 Octave Range”?  In this episode, Sara explains that a normal voice range should extend about 2 1/2 octaves, and gives viewers generalized pitch parameters for bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo soprano, and soprano singers.

Pitch problems are generally related to a few things, and often in combination. Not enough use of breath support/control, lack of ear training, and often also a resistance to use the pharynx and resonator tube and mouth to change the shape of the instrument for vowels at varying pitches.

In episode 83 Sara shows you how to deal with pitch problems related primarily to breathing/support and ear training.

Ep. 82 What IS Muscle Memory?

In Episode 82, Sara clears up the meaning behind the frequently used term “muscle memory”, and shows you the best way to build coordination between your laryngeal muscles and your brain.

Ep. 81 Bridging Registers/Better Mix Tone/Less Air

In Episode 81, Sara takes you through an exercise she calls the “Ngya Ngyas” (but her college students call the “Roommate killer”), to help bring your sound in mix register “forward”, or more “in the mask” creating a stronger, more resonant, less breathy sound.

Ep. 80 Riffs, Runs, and Melismata–Deconstructing Beyonce Licks

In Episode 80, Sara deconstructs a Beyonce riff (from her song Crazy In Love) and shows you how to slow it down to learn and sing it.  Have fun!

Ep. 77 How to Get Better at Singing, Faster!

Taking a little break from the norm today, to answer a question I get a LOT.  Since Gary Vaynerchuk, one of my biggest non-musical influences, just did a little Instagram video that I think applies SUPER hard to vocalists of all kinds, I’m going to let him answer the question himself. Check it out.  It’s 10 seconds that you probably need right now.

Ep. 76 Why is the Stomach Supposed to Move When I Breathe?

Hey singers!  This episode explains why the stomach moves when you breathe, a question that gets asked a lot.  Just remember, when I say “stomach”, I don’t mean the organ itself, but rather the front part of the belly that we colloquially refer to as the “stomach”.

Ep. 75 Allergies and the Voice

It’s allergy season! In Episode 75, Sara gives you tips on dealing with allergies and the voice.

Ep. 74 What Not To Wear–Singing Edition

In Episode 74 Sara addresses a user question about what to wear or not wear when it comes to singing. Additionally Sara announces the winner of the SingingTV user competition!

Apologies for the REALLY annoying audio noise in this episode. As you know, SingingTV does not edit, and we only found out about the audio noise after the fact. Working on a fix for future episodes.

Ep. 71 – Riffs, Runs, and Melismata – Blue Notes and Articulation

In Episode 71, Sara teaches you both how to sing “blue notes”, or bend pitches into one another, as well as giving you exercises for composing and articulating your own riffs, runs, and melismata.  While it will take time to begin these exercises at a slow tempo and speed them up, as well as time to design your own ascending and descending exercises, you should find that your own riffs and runs will improve in clarity and that your note articulation will improve with practice.