Ep. 75 Allergies and the Voice

It’s allergy season! In Episode 75, Sara gives you tips on dealing with allergies and the voice.

Ep. 74 What Not To Wear–Singing Edition

In Episode 74 Sara addresses a user question about what to wear or not wear when it comes to singing. Additionally Sara announces the winner of the SingingTV user competition!

Apologies for the REALLY annoying audio noise in this episode. As you know, SingingTV does not edit, and we only found out about the audio noise after the fact. Working on a fix for future episodes.

Ep. 71 – Riffs, Runs, and Melismata – Blue Notes and Articulation

In Episode 71, Sara teaches you both how to sing “blue notes”, or bend pitches into one another, as well as giving you exercises for composing and articulating your own riffs, runs, and melismata.  While it will take time to begin these exercises at a slow tempo and speed them up, as well as time to design your own ascending and descending exercises, you should find that your own riffs and runs will improve in clarity and that your note articulation will improve with practice.

Ep. 69 What’s the Best Way to Take a Breath?

In episode 69, Sara shows you the best mouth and jaw position to take a big, uninhibited breath with an open throat that’s free of tension.  Thanks to Kate Conklin and her Voice + Alexander Technique lessons for teaching me the best way to communicate this.  Http://kateconklin.com/

Ep. 68 Should I Breathe Through My Nose or Mouth?

In episode 68 Sara answers a user question regarding whether one should breathe through the nose or through the mouth for singing.  Check it out!

Ep. 65. Uncovering The Mystery Of The Diaphragm

In this episode, Sara gets ride of the mystery behind the diaphragm and how it works.  You’ll learn where the diaphragm is and how it functions for breathing.  Here’s a link to a great article to go along with the video.  There’s a LOT of technical jargon, but for those of you ho are studying seriously, I think you’ll love it: http://www.singwise.com/cgi-bin/main.pl?section=articles&doc=EffectiveAndProperBreathingForSinging

Ep. 64 That pop flip…A User Question!

In Episode 64, Sara answers a user question about a specific question on how to do a “flip” or “pop” sound that some singers do so well.

Ep. 63 Resonance, Part 1

In episode 63, Sara discusses resonance as it pertains to singing and the voice.  This episode covers understanding the mechanism.  Further episodes will covers applications.

Ep. 62 Lip Trill Warmup

In this episode, Sara answers a student’s question about lip trills/lip rolls, and shows you how you how to execute the exercise as a warmup. Sing along!

Ep. 59 Tension In The Jaw.

In this episode, Sara answers a user question on tension in the jaw. Apologies that the video is kind of dark.

Just an addendum to the video to avoid misundertanding, when I saw said “tension in the jaw”, I obviously don’t mean tension in the bone, or mandible, but in fact tension in the masseter muscle. This is the muscle that clenches the jaw, and when it is too tense, can cause TMJ or make it difficult to open and close the jaw freely.

Enjoy, and give some comment love to Otis!