Ep. 106 Riffs and Runs: Starting Slowly with Three Note Licks

Sara gives you a short and sweet episode on how to begin to learn to sing riffs and runs in the R & B genre using just three notes to begin with.

Ep. 103 – A Microphone Giveaway with actress and singer Kiersey Clemons

In Episode 103 I do a special microphone giveaway for fan of my awesome client Kiersey Clemons, whose film “Dope” is being re-released this holiday weekend. You can also see Kiersey every week on CBS’s show EExtant and on my favorite TV show, Amazon’s Transparent. Episode 100’s giveaway is closed, but this one’s still open. Enter now!

For anyone who needs to read it, here’s the prize and how to enter:

1st Prize: A Shure SM-58 microphone! http://www.shure.com/americas/products/microphones/sm/sm58-vocal-microphone

HOW TO ENTER: You will be entered only if you do ALL of the following:

1) Follow Singing TV at ALL of the following:
and on the Periscope app @SingingTV

2) Write an email with your handles at the above websites/apps (proof you’ve followed) to Sara@SinginTV.com, and answer the question Kiersey asks in the video!

Best of luck to all and love from me and Kiersey!

Ep. 102 Chronic Throat Clearing

A little episode on how chronic throat-clearing can be potentially damaging and what to do about it.

Ep. 101 Call and Response over Blues Changes

In episode 101 I dispense with the lecturing and we just sing. Repeat after me…

Ep. 99 How to Improvise using the Flamenco Scale – Part of the Riffs, Runs, and Melisma Series

In Episode 99, Sara answers a user question about how to improvise in Flemenco music. Flamenco often uses sounds that come from its Moorish influence, but if we’re talking about improvising using the Western scale, we would use what we called a major phrygian scale. Watch the video for more!

Ep. 87 Riffs, Runs, and Melismata–Making Up and Practicing Your Own Blues Scale Licks

In this episode Sara takes information covered in previous episodes and shows you how to turns a well-practiced blues scale into different licks.

Ep. 86 A Discussion On Range and the “Best Singers In The World” Articles

You maybe be familiar with recent articles listing the “Greatest Singers of All Time”. I have noticed several FB friends have posted one of the following two articles recently:



In Episode 86, Sara discusses the range of the human singing voice and the inherent problems with the claims being made in the articles referenced above.

Ep. 85 How Wide Should My Range Be?

This episode could alternatively be called, “Why Don’t I Have a 5 Octave Range”?  In this episode, Sara explains that a normal voice range should extend about 2 1/2 octaves, and gives viewers generalized pitch parameters for bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo soprano, and soprano singers.

Ep. 71 – Riffs, Runs, and Melismata – Blue Notes and Articulation

In Episode 71, Sara teaches you both how to sing “blue notes”, or bend pitches into one another, as well as giving you exercises for composing and articulating your own riffs, runs, and melismata.  While it will take time to begin these exercises at a slow tempo and speed them up, as well as time to design your own ascending and descending exercises, you should find that your own riffs and runs will improve in clarity and that your note articulation will improve with practice.

Ep. 70 – Riffs, Runs, and Melismata – The Blues Scale

In Episode 70, Sara starts at the very beginning. R & B Riffs and runs are based in blues, so in order to be good at them, one must know the blues scale, inside and out. Check it out!