Ep. 85 How Wide Should My Range Be?

This episode could alternatively be called, “Why Don’t I Have a 5 Octave Range”?  In this episode, Sara explains that a normal voice range should extend about 2 1/2 octaves, and gives viewers generalized pitch parameters for bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo soprano, and soprano singers.

Ep. 71 – Riffs, Runs, and Melismata – Blue Notes and Articulation

In Episode 71, Sara teaches you both how to sing “blue notes”, or bend pitches into one another, as well as giving you exercises for composing and articulating your own riffs, runs, and melismata.  While it will take time to begin these exercises at a slow tempo and speed them up, as well as time to design your own ascending and descending exercises, you should find that your own riffs and runs will improve in clarity and that your note articulation will improve with practice.

Ep. 70 – Riffs, Runs, and Melismata – The Blues Scale

In Episode 70, Sara starts at the very beginning. R & B Riffs and runs are based in blues, so in order to be good at them, one must know the blues scale, inside and out. Check it out!

Ep. 67 How To Keep Your Cords Healthy – A User Question

In Episode 67, Sara answers a user question on how to keep the vocal folds healthy.  Remember, the most important thing for the voice is hydration and plenty of sleep.  If you find yourself hoarse, the MOST important thing you can do is to rest your voice.

Ep. 66 Prelude to Ear Training

In episode 66, Sara talks about beginning ear training, by getting you acquainted with  a major scale and how to relate scale degrees to numbers.

Ep. 61 Bass Clef

In episode 61 Sara explain how to read in the bass clef (F clef).  Enjoy!

Ep. 60

In episode 60, Sara revisits music theory by showing users how to read notes in the treble clef.

Ep. 56 Beginning Vocal Health; Not Straining…

In episode 56, Sara discusses beginning vocal health.  Very often today’s singers emulate what they hear on the radio, and this causes many young singers to try to sing high in their chest or lower register, without developing their higher, or head register.  Watch this episode to learn how NOT to strain your voice.

Ep. 50 A Look Inside a Recording Studio

Already in the studio, Sara Leib thought it’d be a good idea to take you on a quick tour of the recording studio in New York, where she is recording her new album.


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Ep. 49 Interview with Producer/Engineer Eric Robinson pt. 2

Part two of our interview with producer, engineer,and multi-instrumentalist Eric Robinson. He has worked with many artists such as Matt Nathanson, Matt Wertz, Brooke Fraser, Bethany Dillon, Aqualung, Natasha Bedingfield, and Gabe Dixon.