Q: Who can use and benefit from SingingTelevision.com?

A:  Anyone can!  The truth is, whether you’re an avid kareoke participant who wants to audition for American Idol, or a successful touring singer who has made it big but hasn’t had lessons or been to music school, SingingTV.com has something for you!  It’s also helpful for instrumentalists who would like to learn to sing.  Singing Television is something you can even watch in secret (but if it’s because you have stage fright, we’ll help you through it).

Q: I love the lessons, interviews, and content.  How do I study with Sara?

A:  Sara has a private studio in Los Angeles (Http://www.VoiceStudioLA.com), and is also on the faculty at LAMA, Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music (http://www.lamusicacademy.com).  Feel free to email or call Sara to inquire about private study with her.

Q: Can I/my company/institution/school hire Sara to give a master class or workshop?

A:  Sure!  Feel free to email  sara@singingtv.com.  If you have specific musical subjects or dates in mind, please include them along with any other pertinent information.

Q: Where is Singing TV taped?

A:  Most of the Singing TV episodes are taped in Sara’s home teaching studio at VoiceStudioLA. Most older episodes were taped in the classrooms of the Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music (LAMA), where Sara is on faculty.  For more information on LAMA, visit http://www.lamusicacademy.edu

Q: How do I reach Sara?

A:  The best way to reach Sara is through email is sara@singingtv.com.  To send letters/packages, see address below.

Q:  I have a singing question I’d really like Sara to address on the show.  How do I make show suggestions?

A:   Email Sara!

Q:  I love the content of SingingTV.  But what’s up with the video and audio quality?

A:   All SingingTV.com episodes are filmed on a simple Flip camera.  Episodes are not edited.  The idea is high quality lessons delivered simply.

Q:  Awesome, free voice lessons!  Can I quit my live lessons now?

A:  Please don’t!  SingingTV is not meant to replace one-on-one voice lessons, but to supplement them and to help singers who cannot take voice lessons or do not yet feel ready to take them.  Nothing can take the place of live, in-person lessons, but Singing TV is wonderful way to help you get started!

Q:  There is a singer I would really love to see on SingingTV.com.  How I get this person on the show?

A:  SingingTV.com content is offered for free, and therefore we do not pay singers to come on the show.  We are more than happy to host guests when appropriate.  If you have a suggestion of an LA area singer (or someone who will be in the area), or you are an agent or singer who would like yourself or the artist you represent to be a guest on the show, feel free to shoot an email!  Can’t make any guarantees, but we’ll sure be happy to hear from you!

Q:  Can I advertise on Singing TV?

A:  You sure can!  Send an email to sara@singingtv.com.

Q:  Sara looks like she’s 16 years old.  Can she really teach me anything?

A:  Yes, Sara knows she looks like a kid.  She’s (ahem) 31, but watch for yourself and see if you learn something!  Sara holds degrees from the Berklee College of Music, New England Conservatory, and the University of Southern California.  Most importantly however, SingingTV.com is all about content, so give it a go and see for youself!

Q:  I have a company that sells music products, and I’d love for Sara to wear one of our t-shirts on the show.

A:  Sara and SingingTV.com can’t accommodate all of these requests, but you can sure send one in.  If Sara likes your product, she’d be happy to give it a shout out on the show.  Send letters/packages to:

Sara Leib/Singing TV

c/o LA Music Academy

370 S. Fair Oaks Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91105

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14 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Linda says:

    Sara, I have been browser this site but I can't seem to start and Ep. 1 and end with Ep.35–This is a great site but kind of difficult for me to find what I want. Is there some way I can do this in series? Thanks

  2. saraleib says:

    Hey Linda,

    Thanks for visiting and leaving comments! I think the best way to do it is to scroll down to “archives” on the main page and start from there, and just go in order. Right now we don't have the logistical capability to have it automatically go from one video to the next, but maybe in the future!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok, you can now go to “singing tv videos” under the videos tab and watch them all in order.

  4. Kim says:

    Love your teaching style Sara. Thanks so much!

    It would be great if you could post mp3s of some warm-up exercises some time. That way I could sing along with you in my car on the way to rehearsals :-)

    Thanks again, and BTW, I love your voice and stage presence, super easy to watch.

    Keep up the great work,

  5. saraleib says:

    Thanks, Kim! I actually have some warmups on the site. Hold your mouse over the VIDEOS button, and click on warmups. There you can listen and practice away! Also, make sure you sign up at the site itself (not youtube), for full access to ALL videos, info, and more!

  6. 85jiminy says:

    thankyou !!!
    now i understand diatonic chord!! hh

  7. 85jiminy says:

    ah im jimin hh

  8. SaraLeib says:

    Hey Kim! Check out vocal warmups under the “videos” tab.

  9. Steve says:

    Hey Sara,

    I’ve noticed that when I sing I use too much breath. When i hold my palm up to my mouth when singing I feel a lot of bursts of air and excess breathing. How do I correct this? Thanks.


  10. Jacob Yarian says:

    I’ve never had voice lessons or anything but could you guys give me some advice on how to sing better?

  11. Vonni Cameron says:

    I like to sing song items for different churches from time to time, and at home I am relaxed and in control of the singing and it sounds great – but how can I train myself to conquer those interfering nerves when I stand up front? I try to just imagine myself singing at home, but I can tell the difference in the quality of my singing when that whole church is watching! I have been singing for over 10 years whether in back-up for worship or lead-singing up front on my own, but I still get those pangs of adrenaline that make high notes harder to reach and just the general quality of sound – well, not my best. Do you have any tips for this?

    Vonni, South Africa

  12. Patturner21 says:

    I have ongoing sinus problems which means I often feel stuffed or need to get rid of mucus.  Any exercises to clear the nose? Pat

  13. saraleib says:

    Sinus problems suck, huh? In terms of getting rid of stuffiness, I’d stick to all natural means, as antihistamines and other over the counter drugs and really dry you out. Lots of fluids. Also, some people swear by the use of a neti pot. I’ve personally found it useful, although there are arguments about this. I spoke to one otolaryngologist who said that it’s not always good to get rid of the natural flushing fluid of the nose. Try it, though, and see what you think!

  14. Lirva, Philippines says:

    Hello! I had been trying hard to mimic voices of singers like Christina or Adele and what I’ve got is a hurting throat. Now my voice is cracking very often. Will it be possible for me to recover my voice? I mean, my voice before was not cracking.

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