How To Find the Right Voice Doctor Ep. 105

A short tip on how to find the right voice doctor in case you need one (tip: all professional singers should see one once a year)!

Ep. 76 Why is the Stomach Supposed to Move When I Breathe?

Hey singers!  This episode explains why the stomach moves when you breathe, a question that gets asked a lot.  Just remember, when I say “stomach”, I don’t mean the organ itself, but rather the front part of the belly that we colloquially refer to as the “stomach”.

Ep. 74 What Not To Wear–Singing Edition

In Episode 74 Sara addresses a user question about what to wear or not wear when it comes to singing. Additionally Sara announces the winner of the SingingTV user competition!

Apologies for the REALLY annoying audio noise in this episode. As you know, SingingTV does not edit, and we only found out about the audio noise after the fact. Working on a fix for future episodes.

Ep. 67 How To Keep Your Cords Healthy – A User Question

In Episode 67, Sara answers a user question on how to keep the vocal folds healthy.  Remember, the most important thing for the voice is hydration and plenty of sleep.  If you find yourself hoarse, the MOST important thing you can do is to rest your voice.

Ep. #23 Water.

Why water?  How does water work?  Do I need to hydrate my vocal cords?  How much water do I need to drink?  If I drink water before a gig, will I be better hydrated?  In this episode, Sara tells you all about water!

Ep. #18 How to keep an open throat

Hey Singers!

In this episode of Singing TV, Sara Leib shows you what it means to keep an open throat.  Keeping an open throat, also called “raising your soft palate” is important in singing.  This little tip will help you raise your soft palate by opening your throat.  Enjoy!

Ep. #12 Special guest Gretchen Parlato!

Hey Singers!

VERY excited to welcome an old friend and very special guest to the show, Miss Gretchen Parlato.  Gretchen was in town (LA) for a gig Monday night April 5th at Catalina’s, and stopped by the spread the wisdom!  If you don’t know Gretchen, check her out at  She and her latest record, “In A Dream” were called the “best jazz album of the year” by the Village Voice, the Boston Globe listed her as #6 on the list of best jazz album of 2009, and Billboard, Washington City Paper, NPR, and pretty much everyone else is RAVING about her.  Check it out, and enjoy!

Singing’s Ep. #6 with special guest Sara Gazarek!

Welcome our first guest singer, Sara Gazarek to Singing Television!  Sara’s debut  record released to national and international rave reviews. It ranked in the Top 10 on the Billboard Traditional Jazz Charts, Top 10 on the iTunes top Jazz Album Downloads (US, UK, Switzerland, and Belgium), #1 on the iTunes Top Jazz Album Downloads (Germany, France)!  What this says is that you should check her out!


Sara Leib