How To Find the Right Voice Doctor Ep. 105

A short tip on how to find the right voice doctor in case you need one (tip: all professional singers should see one once a year)!

Ep. 100!!!!’s 100th Episode and 2nd Viewer Competition!

For anyone who need to read it, here are the prizes and how to enter:

1st Prize: A Shure SM-58 microphone!

2nd Prize: An Hourlong in-person or Skype lesson with Sara Leib!

3rd Prize: A half hour in-person or Skype lesson with Sara Leib!

More Prizes: stickers!

HOW TO ENTER: You will be entered only if you do ALL of the following:

1) Come up with a cool, creative, fun, or MASSIVE way to spread the word about Banners, tweets, school promos, emails, or posters are just the beginning!

2) Follow Singing TV at ALL of the following:
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3) Write an email with your handles at the above websites.apps, and a paragraph or picture of how you’re helping to spread the word about SingingTV and you’ll be entered!

Best of luck to all!

Update 8/30/15:
WINNERS announced! They are:
Kevin David and Reyna Margarita San Juan Castillo. CONGRATULATIONS!

Ep. 99 How to Improvise using the Flamenco Scale – Part of the Riffs, Runs, and Melisma Series

In Episode 99, Sara answers a user question about how to improvise in Flemenco music. Flamenco often uses sounds that come from its Moorish influence, but if we’re talking about improvising using the Western scale, we would use what we called a major phrygian scale. Watch the video for more!

Ep. 95 When Can I Sing After I’m Sick – A User Question

Sara responds to a user question with a video. When can you sing after you’re sick? There’s no “right” answer, but basically as soon as your vocal cords are no longer swollen and your voice feels good and it’s not effortful to make sound. Enjoy!

Ep. 94 Jaw Tension and How to Ged Rid of It

In Episode 94, Sara talks about how to rid yourself of tension in the jaw that can be affecting your singing and your body.

Ep. 92 Singing TV, Lurkers, Community, and the New Year

A special episode made for my Youtube subscribers.  For everyone to see, but lurkers had better come out, leave comments, ask questions, and help make many new SingingTV episodes in 2015!

Ep. 91 How To a Properly Rest One’s Voice.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to rest their voices. The vocal cords, like other muscles, may need rest due to simply being tired from lots of use or overuse. They may need rest due to a pathology, like vocal nodules, a hemorrhage, polyps, or other problems you hopefully don’t have.

The problem is, most people don’t know how to properly rest their voices. They’ll talk, whisper, or listen along to music, which can use both the cords themselves, along with the other laryngeal muscles.

Watch this video to learn how to rest your voice efficiently.

Ep. 89 Note Stems and Direction

In Episode 89, Sara answers a user question having to do more with music notation.  Question:  “What’ the difference between the notes facing up and the notes facing down?”

Ep. 85 How Wide Should My Range Be?

This episode could alternatively be called, “Why Don’t I Have a 5 Octave Range”?  In this episode, Sara explains that a normal voice range should extend about 2 1/2 octaves, and gives viewers generalized pitch parameters for bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo soprano, and soprano singers.

Ep. 82 What IS Muscle Memory?

In Episode 82, Sara clears up the meaning behind the frequently used term “muscle memory”, and shows you the best way to build coordination between your laryngeal muscles and your brain.