Ep. 92 Singing TV, Lurkers, Community, and the New Year

A special episode made for my Youtube subscribers.  For everyone to see, but lurkers had better come out, leave comments, ask questions, and help make many new SingingTV episodes in 2015!

Ep. 91 How To a Properly Rest One’s Voice.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to rest their voices. The vocal cords, like other muscles, may need rest due to simply being tired from lots of use or overuse. They may need rest due to a pathology, like vocal nodules, a hemorrhage, polyps, or other problems you hopefully don’t have.

The problem is, most people don’t know how to properly rest their voices. They’ll talk, whisper, or listen along to music, which can use both the cords themselves, along with the other laryngeal muscles.

Watch this video to learn how to rest your voice efficiently.

Ep. 82 What IS Muscle Memory?

In Episode 82, Sara clears up the meaning behind the frequently used term “muscle memory”, and shows you the best way to build coordination between your laryngeal muscles and your brain.

Ep. 75 Allergies and the Voice

It’s allergy season! In Episode 75, Sara gives you tips on dealing with allergies and the voice.

Ep. 73 Voice Teaching Methods – How to Find Education Beyond the Branding

In Episode 73, Sara answers a user question about which vocal “techniques” are  effective.    The episode, How to Find Education Beyond the Branding, should clear some questions up.

Ep. 58 The Proper Standing Position For Singing.

In episode 58, Sara answers a user question on the proper position for singing. Make sure that you stand with your feet apart (about hip or shoulder width), knees unlocked, and your weight should be evenly distributed (don’t sit or lean against a wall). Lift your head slightly, as if you are hanging by a string. This will put your shoulders, chest, and lower back in the proper position. Enjoy, and practice!

Ep. 54 A Warmup with a Wide Range.

In this episode, Sara introduces you to a new warmup that really works the entire range, from bottom to top. It covers an octave and a half, and functions as a way to work the lower and higher range to blend them together more freely.

Ep. 27 How To Find Your Range

In this episode, Sara explains how to find your range.  This will help in the future when you need to pick a key, transpose a song, write a lead sheet/chart…all sorts of things.

Ep. #23 Water.

Why water?  How does water work?  Do I need to hydrate my vocal cords?  How much water do I need to drink?  If I drink water before a gig, will I be better hydrated?  In this episode, Sara tells you all about water!

Ep. #18 How to keep an open throat

Hey Singers!

In this episode of Singing TV, Sara Leib shows you what it means to keep an open throat.  Keeping an open throat, also called “raising your soft palate” is important in singing.  This little tip will help you raise your soft palate by opening your throat.  Enjoy!